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FAJR AL GULF Insurance & Reinsurance SAL
Subsidiary Company
FAJR AL GULF is a provider of value-added insurance solutions and services to Lebanese [and Lebanese-bound] consumers and businesses anywhere in the world.

In an uncertain world, FAJR AL GULF is committed to keeping pace to the ever changing needs of businesses, public entities and individuals by providing comprehensive products and excellent support.
AL FAJR Insurance and Reinsurance Company SAL was established in 1992 by a group of internationally known businessmen. On August 18th 2003 we officially merged efforts with International Trust Insurance Co SAL (member of GULF INSURANCE KSA / Kuwait), and are now operating under the new name of FAJR AL GULF ISNURANCE AND REINSURANCE CO SAL with an increased capital of LBP 7.1 billion.

FAJR AL GULF is one of the fastest growing insurance providers in the Lebanese market with around 67 employees, 9 branches, 25 product lines across the business and personal insurance segments covering the different types of Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance and Motor Insurance. FAJR AL GULF’s premium production reached LBP 22.7 Billion at year end 2011.

Gulf Insurance’s stake in FAG is 92.69% as at 31 March 2014.

Executive Officers

Mr. Isam Abdelkhaliq


Mr. Khalid Saoud Al Hasssan

Vice Chairman

Mr. Charbel Karam

General Manager

Company Address

Head Office
FAJR AL GULF Insurance & Reinsurance SAL
Beirut, Adlieh Square, Olivetti Building
P.O. Box 116-5047 Beirut – Lebanon
Tel: +961 1 423 323
Fax: +961 1 423 323