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The policy undertakes to indemnify the loss or damage suffered by the insured private car and its parts during the period of insurance within the geographical area of the State of Kuwait, as a result of:

Collision or Overturning Accident, Fire or Self-combustion and External Explosion, burglary or Theft, Fault or deliberate act of third party, except when breach of trust or fraud is involved.


  • Insured shall not pay fees to register a claim.
  • No depreciation on small parts.
  • Coverage of unknown accidents up to KD750/-.
  • Coverage of unknown accidents up to KD750/-.
  • Free replacement car is provided for maximum period of 15 days when the insured vehicle is in the garage for repair
  • Agency repair for vehicles that are not older than five years including the current year.
  • Replacement for broken windshield once in the agency garage
  • Personal accident cover for the owner, spouse, parents, sons and daughters who are accompanying the insured in the car at the time of accident, with maximum benefit KD 10,000/- for each injured person & KD 25,000/- in total during the policy period.
  • Complementary Travel Assistance coverage for the insured and the insured’s immediate family members covering an unforeseen accident/illness.
  • Cover tires and their rings in full for known accidents and 50% for unknown accident:
    • Unknown accident (Police report does now show another vehicle involved in the accident).
  • Issue policies online with free delivery to clients
  • Client can add Road Assistance with the policy for KD4/- and include the following benefits:
    • Towage
    • Opening car when locked from inside.
    • Assistance to tire change.
    • Assistance when fuel runs out.
    • Assistance when battery dies.