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Liabilities Insurance


This class of insurance provides a number of policies developed to grant the insured maximum protection against legal liabilities towards third parties (subject to final court judgment in favor of third parties) as a direct result and in connection with Insured commercial and/or industrial and/or professional work activities which may result in financial loss or unforeseen accidental bodily injuries (fatal or non-fatal) and/or property damage to third parties.

Third Party defined as:

  • Any person not being either a member of the insured's family or person engaged in and upon the service of the insured at the time of the bodily injury occurrence giving rise to such injury.
  • Any property not belonging to or in the custody or under the control of the insured or any person in the service of the insured or upon which the insured or any such person is or has been operating.

1.General Public Liability Insurance.

This policy indemnifies the insured against Legal Liability for which the insured is obliged to pay financial compensation to third parties as a result of material damage and/ or bodily injuries directly attributed to the insured’s business activities.

2. Professional Indemnity Insurance.

This policy is designed to protect Professionals (Doctors, medical staff, Architects, Civil Engineers etc, Accountants, Lawyers, and other professionals) against legal liability arising as a result of breach of professional duty due to any negligent act error or omission committed by the Insured or any of the insured employee(s) during performance of their professional duty.

Product Liability Insurance:

The product liability insurance is tailored to protect the insured against legal liability for injury to third parities and / or loss of damage to their property caused by the goods manufactured sold, supplied, repaired, serviced or tested by the insured.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance.

This policy provides financial protection for Directors and officers of an institution in the event of law suit brought against them (by shareholders creditors customers and others who have legal right to file such suits against the institution) in conjunction with the performance of their duties relevant to the institution as a direct result of their negligent act error or omission.