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Property Insurance


Listed under this line of insurance number of policies designed to provide the maximum insurance protection for the insured's properties in the event of unforeseen accidental loss and/or material damage resulted from an insured peril.

Properties are defined as:

  • Buildings of various construction used for residential, commercial or industrial activities.
  • Contents: of Warehouses, Industrial Units, Residential apartments or villas or any other content owned by the Insured and or held in the insured's care, control and custody.

Types of policies

Fire Insurance Policy

This policy covers Insured's property (buildings& Contents) against loss or damage directly caused by:

  • Fire and/or lightning.
  • Additional Coverages :-The compensation for loss or damage resulting from the following perils:
  1. Explosion
  2. Impact of vehicles belongs to others.
  3. Falling aircraft and /or other aerial devices and /or articles dropped therefrom.
  4. Riots, Strike and Malicious Damage.
  5. Automatic Sprinkler Leakage.
  6. Storm, Tempest, Flood and/or Water damage.
  7. Loss of Profit and Standing Charges (Consequential Loss Extension).
  8. Legal Liability toward neighbors and landlords.
  9. Loss of Rent.

Householder's Protection Policy

This policy tailored to provide extended insurance coverage to the Insured residential (Owned or rented, a Villa or an apartment) against wide range of perils as listed:

  1. Fire and Lightning.
  2. Explosion of gas cylinders and pips or boilers used for domestic purposes.
  3. Falling aircraft and /or other aerial devices and /or articles dropped therefrom.
  4. Sandstorm, hurricane and flash floods.
  5. Bursting of fresh water pipes and /overflowing of water tanks.
  6. Impact of vehicle not belonging to or under the custody or possession of the insured or any of his family members or those residing with the insured.
  7. Breakage of glass or mirror fixed in the house basins, sinks and antennas and (TV. Receipt) but not exceeding KD.20/- per occurrence.
  8. Theft by forced entry, break in attempts causing damage, and climbing or drilling a hole.
  9. Loss of Rent: The Company will indemnify the insured for the cost of renting another house or Hotel as long as it falls within the rent allowance of his own house, or similar rent In case of a fire accident.
  10. Death or Permanent Total Disablement: The Company will indemnify the insured or the beneficiary an amount equivalent to double the sum insured for the contents or the amount KD.10000/- whichever is less.
  11. Third Party Liability towards the Owner and Lessor: The Company will indemnify the insured for the judgment delivered against him by the Court as a result of his responsibility towards the owner of the leased house for any loss or damage occurring during the period of Insurance.

Home Emergency Assistance Cover- Service 24/7.

The Company undertake to provide an Emergency Repair Service to secure the dwelling and prevent further damage or loss occurring. It does not undertake to carry out full repairs, all repair works are subject to the limitations of cover and to the following definitions, conditions and exclusions as described herein. This policy is not a replacement for a Home Insurance Policy and is not a maintenance contract for the domestic dwelling.

Emergency Repair: An Emergency Repair is defined as the repair necessary to render the dwelling safe and/or secure the dwelling against further loss or damage as a result of an unforeseen or sudden occurrence which results in damage to your domestic dwelling demanding immediate action.

Plumbing means: Damages of house fixed plumbing /fitting, producing damages to the property of the Insurance Holder or third persons / parties. The community property or third parties plumbing, will not be considered relevant to housing, although they could be located in the insurance holder’s area.

Electricity means: Lack of electric supply in some of the dwelling installation phases, whenever the origin of the damage is located within the domestic dwelling.

Locksmith means: Any risk impeding the insurance holder’s access to the building, being necessary the intervention of a Locksmith or emergency services, by no other alternative route.

Glass work: Breaking of windows or any other vertical crystal surface belonging to the window structure, as long as the breakage determines a lack of protection from environmental accidents or any third party hostile action

The company will send a technician who will carry out the Emergency Repair necessary to render dwelling safe and /or secure the dwelling against further loss or damage, the cost of the call-out, labor and materials which are necessary for the Emergency Repair (Plumbing, Electrical, Locksmith, Glazing) will be borne by the Company, up to a maximum of KWD 50/= for each emergency, with a maximum of three emergencies in any one year (KWD 150/= per year).